Becoming involved in the Landsafe Programme is a very quick and easy process.  We recognise the time pressures placed on airport operators and have specifically designed the process to have a minimal impact on the workloads of your staff.

How it works:

  • Step 1Contact Us for your initial consultation to understand what the programme will do for your airport.
  • Step 2 → Receive your information pack including details of the parameters by which your airport will be assessed.
  • Step 3 → Provide Landsafe International with any available maintenance records and birdstrike data.
  • Step 4 → Your airfield is audited by two Landsafe International Approved Accreditors.
  • Step 5 → Report supplied detailing the performance of your airport. Any item not meeting minimum standards will be accompanied by detailed methodologies on how to improve.
    • Step 5a → If required, site re-visit by our auditors following agreed rectification time period to confirm deficient areas are now compliant
  • Step 6 → Once all areas meet minimum standards, accreditation is issued, and valid for 12 months.




Once accredited, your site will join a growing list of airports that are maximising their hazard reduction potential, and operating financially and environmentally sustainable airfield maintenance systems.