Why use Landsafe International?

Extensive research was undertaken through 2014/15 to establish the current general quality of airfield habitat management and bird control, and the factors that influence that quality.

The study concluded that the vast majority of airports were not reaching the management quality levels that should be reasonably expected of their specific site. There were a multitude of reasons for this:

  • Guidance documentation was too rigid in its approach – i.e. a ‘one size fits all’ management programme was prescribed.
  • Management programmes were not tailored to the unique aspects of the airport – soil type, grass species, nutrient status, drainage, climate etc.
  • Grounds maintenance contractors were often entrusted with the development of a maintenance programme for the site. This frequently led to inappropriate programmes and cost-cutting exercises.
  • There was often several layers of airport personnel between the grounds maintenance contractor and the member of airport staff who has the authority to invoke changes to the grounds maintenance delivery. This meant problems were frequently not dealt with.
  • Maintenance regimes were not updated through the year to reflect changing weather and ground conditions.

These and many more findings have led to the conclusion that the provision of an accreditation, delivered by industry experts and encouraged by industry leading bodies, would bring about quality assured, high standard, consistent airfield management leading to higher quality birdstrike risk management, ultimately globally.